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When You Are Ready To Rent Please Send The Following Documents:


  1. Valid insurance*

  2. Valid license

  3. Proof of address, less than 30 days old with your address on it 

  4. Send us your cell phone number


  • If you are late, we will charge you $250.00 for the first hour, and $150.00 an hour every hour after that from your deposit, please be sure to make extension payments on time to avoid fees.

  • After 4 hours late, our system will automatically disable the cars until payment is received, please be advised that we CAN NOT TURN ON THE CAR until payment in our system has been cleared. 

  • All payments and fees must be paid if you are extending, no exceptions.


  • You must notify before 5pm.


  • All payments Must be made before 5pm, failure to do so will automatically start your late fee charged at your return time.


  • Please be aware if you extend and payment is not received before 5pm your car will be shut off by 8pm.


  • We can not turn on back your car unless payments and late fees have been paid.


  • If payment is not received, the vehicle will be repossessed at your expense


Zexotic Motors Car rental  will hold $300.00 from your deposit for a period of 30 days. This allows all tickets and tolls to process. We will then return the amount to you, minus all tickets and tolls fees you obtained during your rental period. You will receive a copy of an itemized statement showing you all the tickets and toll fees.


* Insurance must be full coverage. If you 
don't have insurance we can assist you with the process of getting a non driver insurance.
**All extension must be notified by 5pm, and payment should be made BEFORE YOUR DUE TIME to avoid late fees.
*** We keep $300.00 from your rental for 30 days for tickets and tolls. After this period your money would be refund


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